Molly Schmehl

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With 17 years of accounting experience, including five years at public accounting firms and 10 years at an advertising agency, Molly brings senior financial leadership and operational insight and consult as the accounting director.

Molly is a well-rounded financial expert with a track record of conducting internal department audits, implementing project management software and analyzing financial reports. She leads the accounting department team and manages enterprise accounting and financial reporting functions.

Molly’s greatest strengths are attention to detail, being transparent and having substantial knowledge of accounting principles.

During her free time, Molly loves to go on walks, play board games with her children and read or listen to books. An interesting fact you might not know about Molly is that she is too much of an open book for surprises. In recent years, she has served on the board of her children’s daycare and has financially supported the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital, Northeast Iowa Food Bank and many more nonprofit organizations.

Molly moves the needle by always trying to find the most efficient and accurate way to accomplish tasks while ensuring the agency’s financial integrity.


Director of Accounting