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comprehensive marketing planning

For years, AMPERAGE conducted marketing planning and strategy in the conventional manner. While working on a plan for a large sales organization, our Chief Strategy & Creative Officer had an inspired thought. Instead of hearing the same clichéd answers repeatedly, we could uncover deep brand insights with a different approach to planning.

That’s when we retooled our intake approach. We consulted with psychologists and amped up our planning process. The Creative FusionSM Session was born, and with it came tremendous opportunity to help clients achieve “big bang” moments that better informed effective strategy for their brand.

With AMPERAGE, you get:

  • Decades of combined experience with hundreds of marketing plans
  • Comprehensive research, analysis and strategic planning
  • Thorough, detailed yet easy-to-follow recommendations
  • Support from a full-service marketing and advertising agency
Marketing Communication Plans
Brand Rollout Plans
Campaign Plans
Service Line Plans
Communication Audits

Infuse your marketing strategy with new energy