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Send us multiple files at a time, use drag & drop, and get feedback with progress bars and preview images.
Don't worry about sending files anymore. Just remember to press the email button or send us the link.

Need to send sensitive information?

We can recommend using Firefox Send (from Mozilla).
Firefox Send is a free & open source service that encrypts & protects uploads. It then provides a link that stops working after it's accessed once, expired, or was deleted by the sender. This can be easier to use & more secure than many other methods being used for sending things like login credentials & other sensitive information.

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You can send one file after the other and/or send multiple files at a time. The file selection window lets you hold down the control key (command on mac) to select multiple files at a time to send them as a batch. Also, a simple drag & drop of multiple files works too!

Throw us anything!

Please check this list to make sure what you're uploading is supported. It might even start to upload, but it will not store the file if it isn't supported.

Currently accepting: jpg, gif, png, pdf, svg, eps, tif, pub, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, csv, ppt, pptx, fla, pages, key, numbers, iba, ibooks, epub, txt, rtf, mov, wmv, mp4, m4v, mpg, mpeg, eyetv, avi, m4a, mp3, ogg, ogv, webp, webm, ai, psd, id, zip, rar, and 7z (let us know if we should add more)

There is a file-size limit, but it's pretty big.

The limit is currently at 2 GB per file with the ability to upload as many files as you need. Others either fall short or just match this limit. Contact us if this isn't enough to determine the best method to send the file(s).

You should know.

If we find that we need to clean up the hard drive usage of our website, these files will be the first to go (we will purge the oldest files first). This isn't intended to be used as a permanent storage space.


You can always use Firefox Send, Cloudup (link includes invite code), WeTransfer, Hightail, or Dropbox as alternatives. Let us know if you have a batch of files or will be collaborating with us over time, because we can set up a service that best fits your needs.

Need to view a list of the uploaded files?

First off, you need security access to view the directory of uploaded files since it's password protected. If you have access, enter the access key to view the list of uploaded files: