Upland Hills Health Says, “Yes, We Do That” Campaign
Upland Hill Health "Yes, we do that" campaign on a laptop.
Upland Hills Health magazine ad.

Upland Hills Health Says, “Yes, We Do That” Campaign

Upland Hills Health of Wisconsin experienced community members saying, “I didn’t know you did that”, especially around its surgery department.

“We helped the client go directly at the perception problem,” said Rachael Holland, Marketing Director, AMPERAGE Marketing and Fundraising. “Our approach was friendly and eye-opening for people in the communities that Upland Hills Health serves.”

The goal of the loud and literal creative approach was to encourage people to check with Upland Hills Health first before seeking surgeries elsewhere.

In nine months, the campaign achieved nearly 10,000 clicks. More than 600 people downloaded a list of surgeries. More than 200 watched the video on the website. From the landing page, there were more than 150 clicks-to-call, and 260 people went to the main website to learn more information.

“Campaigns must achieve tangible results, but sometimes the anecdotal stories tell a lot about the success of a campaign,” Holland said. “The theme was so contagious the staff began using the theme around the hospital saying ‘Yes, we can do that’ with patients, families and friends.”

Upland Hills Health extended the popular campaign beyond surgery to include orthopedics, breast health and podiatry.