Annette Schulte

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Annette is well-versed in creative content having spent 30 years in marketing, communications and news. She spent those years coaching writers and designers, managing life cycles of content products, and planning, editing and writing all types of content.

She brings intention and strategy to marketing, combining client goals with best practices and smart tactics to achieve success. She will ask you lots of questions and genuinely listens to the answers — in this way, getting to the heart of your story. Annette believes in the of power of authentic storytelling for making connections with audiences and earning their trust.

A graduate of the University of Iowa journalism school and proud alum of The Daily Iowan student newspaper, Annette began her first career at Iowa’s second-largest newspaper, The Gazette. Numerous roles there included an R&D position as Content Ninja, in which she was privileged to spend a year exploring the potential of social media and digital content. When she left the news business, Annette was the longtime newspaper’s first female managing editor.

Her second career in marketing quickly blossomed, with marketing leadership roles in the B2B and nonprofit sectors before joining AMPERAGE.

Annette finds creative spark in simple things. She loves to read and is not snobby about the genre. She loves to cook and bake gluten-free foods that actually taste good for her husband and daughter with celiac (and then she posts about it on Instagram at #lifewithceliac). She and her husband have made an empty-nester hobby out of learning about and enjoying good wine.


Vice President of Content