Planning & Strategy

Strategic Marketing Process

For years, AMPERAGE conducted marketing planning and strategy in the conventional manner. While working on a plan for a large sales organization, our Chief Strategy & Creative Officer had an inspired thought to evolve the strategic marketing process. Instead of hearing the same clichéd answers repeatedly, we could uncover deep brand insights with a different approach to planning.

That’s when we retooled our intake approach. We consulted with psychologists and amped up our marketing planning process . The Creative FusionSM Session was born, and with it came tremendous opportunity to help clients achieve “big bang” moments for their brand.

When you partner with AMPERAGE, you get:

  • Decades of combined experience with hundreds of marketing plans
  • Comprehensive research, analysis and marketing planning
  • Thorough, detailed yet easy-to-follow marketing recommendations
  • Support from a full-service marketing and advertising agency
Marketing Communication Plans
Brand Rollout Plans
Campaign Plans
Service Line Plans
Communication Audits

Infuse your marketing strategy with new energy