Our Team

Our Team
Bryan Earnest, President of AMPERAGE Marketing & Fundraising.

President & CEO

Bryan Earnest

Vanessa Kolb, media specialist at AMPERAGE

Media Specialist

Vanessa Kolb

Art Director

Sammy Cantero

Senior Art Director

Shad Opper

Media Buyer

Terri Parsons

Traffic Manager

Kaitlyn Trent

Robin Frost Marketing Research

Marketing & Research Strategist

Robin Frost

Web Developer

Kurt Zenisek

Nick Harvey, account manager at AMPERAGE Marketing

Account Manager

Nick Harvey

Bookkeeper/Office Coordinator

Terry Hall

Anna Herrig AMPERAGE project coordinator

Project Coordinator

Anna Followwill

Olivia Moretz, AMPERAGE Video Editor

Video Editor

Olivia Moretz

Director of Marketing

Rachael Holland, MBA

Toni Harding, AMPERAGE media buyer, is ready to move the needle for your organization.

Media Strategist

Toni Harding

Kelsi Harms, healthcare marketing account manager

Account Executive

Kelsi Harms

Megan Stull, an AMPERAGE account manager, is ready to move the needle for your organization.

Account Manager

Megan Stull

Daniel Hampe, AMPERAGE senior videographer, is ready to move the needle visually for your organization.

Senior Videographer

Daniel Hampe

Sarah Pauls,Creative Director for AMPERAGE Marketing & Fundraising in Cedar Falls and Cedar Rapids, IA and Wausau WI

Creative Director

Sarah Pauls

Tim Torgerson fundraising adviser at AMPERAGE Marketing & Fundraising.

Senior Fundraising Adviser

Tim Torgerson

Hailey Hershey, graphic designer at AMPERAGE Marketing & Fundraising

Graphic Designer

Hailey Hershey

Jenna Flugum

Account Manager

Jenna Flugum

Senior Writer

Graham Van Dixhorn

Digital Media Specialist

Kim Johnson

Stephanie Bresnahan, media campaign guru.

Senior Account Manager

Stephanie Bresnahan

Erin Bishop, AMPERAGE vice president of strategy, is an innovative, strategic thinker ready to move the needle for your organization.

Vice President of Strategy

Erin Bishop

Tiffini Kieler Senior Art Director

Senior Art Director - Video & Motion Design

Tiffini Kieler

Account Coordinator

Amy Frolik

Vice President of Content

Annette Schulte

Media Director

Denise Hesser

Vice President of Operations

Brian Foelske

SEO Marketing Manager

Chris Liedtke

Video Producer

Bob Waters

Jennifer Rubel, director of team of Fundraising Consultants for nonprofits

Director of Fundraising

Jennifer Rubel

Interactive Manager

Kaitlyn Wolf

Senior Project Manager

Kris Wieland

Video Editor

Michael Smith

People & Culture Manager

Mickey Waschkat

Fundraising Adviser

Melissa Pence, CFRE

Accounting Specialist

Monica Pierce

Video Producer

Monte Bowden

Director of Public Relations

Sarah Larson