Sarah Pauls

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Sarah loves making creative work for a living. With more than 15 years of experience in design, art direction and creative leadership roles, Sarah is skilled at elevating creative strategies and concepts for an array of projects.

As someone who has demonstrated success in collaboration and the creative process, Sarah connects AMPERAGE’s team of designers, copywriters and account management. Together, they elevate creative solutions for clients to move the needle.

Sarah is inspired by “reasonable-rule-breakers” or as she puts it the “people that can introduce a potentially risky idea, but mold it to work for the issue at hand.”

Her curiosity and passion for learning inspire her strategic work for clients.

Pauls earned her BFA in graphic design from Iowa State University and her MA in creative writing from the University of Northern Iowa (UNI). She worked as the Marketing Manager at the College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences at UNI where she helped rebrand the North American Review, the country’s oldest literary magazine and led a multitude of creative strategies and marketing campaigns on behalf of the college and its 15 different academic departments. Prior to that, she served as an Art Director at what is now AMPERAGE.

When she’s not spearheading new creative projects, Pauls loves staying active. She is working on visiting as many national parks as possible with her family. She finds calm in working on puzzles and relaxing by the fire.


Creative Director