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We manufacture content from digital videos to white papers. Search, not personal trust-building is leading new business. It’s estimated that 94% of B2B research begins with an online search (Accenture). Even more frightening is that 60% would prefer online to interacting with a sales rep (Forrester).

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John Deere Celebrates 100 Years of Building Tractors

When John Deere wished to commemorate 100 prosperous years of building tractors, AMPERAGE assisted in providing an unforgettable visual experience to celebrate a century of hard work.

We began working on the event over a year in advance, gathering historical information and imaging dating back to the 1920s, paying extreme attention to detail and accuracy. Eight massive display cylinders were conceptualized, each focusing on a specific era of John Deere tractor manufacturing history.

The cylinders — measuring 12 feet high and 24 feet in diameter — featured historical photographs and interesting “price of goods” facts from the respective era. Each cylinder was hung from the ceiling with custom lighting placed within to illuminate the tractors and equipment displayed below, representative of the time period.

During the two-day free event, over 40,000 people attended the anniversary celebration. Employees at John Deere were brought to tears and were so grateful for the hard work dedicated to the event.

John Deere 100 Year Event
Years of Tractors
Square Feet of Design
People Attended

"I’ve worked with AMPERAGE on two different sites for two wildly different markets, and there’s a reason I keep coming back. Beyond solid web development work, they’re simply easy and enjoyable to work with. They take on the hard parts, and that empowers me to do the rest of my job better."

Jacki Miskimins, Director of Marketing, Vantage Point Solutions

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