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Financial Services marketing and Insurance marketing require both a deft touch and a powerful punch. AMPERAGE has the industry experience to deliver a finessed message with electrifying results for your financial services or insurance company.


In these highly competitive, highly regulated industries, you want to stand out for all the right reasons. It’s also important to exercise a certain level of restraint — just ask your compliance team! Let AMPERAGE help you find the balance.


Your brand offers a relationship complete with a promise. AMPERAGE market research and branding and campaign strategy ensure an authentic connection with consumers and clarity about what you’ll do for them.

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IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union Moves Up

IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union needed to reconnect with members and build a compelling storyline of traveling with them on their financial journey.

The work started internally with the creation of a usable graphic standards guide called “Living Brand Branding Guidelines.” Employees were named “pathfinders” to help them understand their role within the new campaign. Their mantra became: “We are pathfinders. All of our members are on a financial journey of success. Members chart their own journey. Each person defines his/her own success. We help guide the way.”

The campaign told the stories of milestones we all face on that journey, from commingling funds after marriage to being a single parent with kids. These were real stories about real members to help connect and drive engagement.

The campaign’s media ran for only 90 days, generating 8,295 clicks to the landing page, 12,055 video views and a higher-than-average search click-through rate of 5.42%.

IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union
Clicks to Landing Page
Video Views
Day Campaign
Pathfinder Employees

“GreenState has been partnering with AMPERAGE for over five years. They help implement our statewide online and offline media campaigns. As trends change and opportunities present themselves, AMPERAGE serves as a valued strategic partner in recognizing and assessing new variables, in turn, providing guidance to optimize our investment.”

- Jim Kelly, Executive VP/Chief Marketing Officer, GreenState Credit Union

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