Brian Foelske

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Brian started his career with the AMPERAGE team right after college, and since has acquired over 20 years of video production experience. His job allows him to work with unique and exciting technology and “fix things that don’t work.” He excels in taking complex ideas and making them understandable for others, which is why he is so good at turning raw video footage into a creation that inspires and allows viewers to feel the aimed emotions.

In his free time, Brian enjoys going on camping adventures with his three children and riding his motorcycle. He has a love for cinematic experiences, which you can see in the numerous large movie posters hung in his office. If there were to ever be a movie made about Brian, he’d want Jon Hamm, star of the anticipated sequel of Top Gun, to play him.

Brian moves the needle by working with a great AMPERAGE team to tell client stories in a way that motivates their target audiences.


Vice President of Operations