Vanessa Kolb

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Vanessa is Ready to Develop Plans, Research, Negotiate, Place Media and Achieve Results

Vanessa works in the AMPERAGE media department, pouring over digital media research, post-buy analysis and analytics for linear and digital media buys.

Before Vanessa became an AMPER, she worked at Coloff Digital, where she applied her certifications in Google Ads, Google Analytics, and WordPress 5.

Vanessa received her Bachelor's in Marketing: Advertising & Digital Media from the University of Northern Iowa. She started her educational career at Hawkeye Community College with an athletic scholarship in volleyball.

She was a team member of UNI Club Volleyball and Women in Business. Vanessa volunteers at area volleyball camps for kids and will be coaching a club team in the Cedar Valley area. She is always willing to take on more volunteer opportunities in the community.

If you're looking for someone to bump, set and spike your media plan to success, Venessa is ready.


Media Specialist