Monte Bowden

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Monte started his career as a news intern for KWWL-TV, eventually working his way up to news director. His well-rounded background in storytelling, video production and management made him a great fit for an agency environment when AMPERAGE was looking for someone to do client PR work. With AMPERAGE since 2004, Monte has evolved with the company and serves as creative director for some of our top clients. A storyteller first and foremost, Monte is famous for doing some really long interviews. Clients can trust him with their stories, which he crafts to elicit an emotional response that moves people to action.

Monte’s second claim to fame as a home brewer makes him popular among friends and co-workers. Most of Monte’s friends are not the type to say no to free beer. Monte’s favorite TV show is “The Great British Bake–Off,” and sometimes he is still afraid of the dark.

Monte moves the needle by showing up and keeping up.


Creative Director


Video Production