Kathy Schreiner

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Kathy is a bubbly and highly skilled accountant and human resource manager whose personality allows her to play well with others. She is extremely dedicated to and passionate about all AMPERAGE clients and fellow members of the team. Kathy enjoys always having the opportunity to learn from the extremely talented, fun co-workers at AMPERAGE.

Kathy is famous for the “Schreiner Pour” (because more is better when it comes to a glass of wine), being a good listener and telling funny jokes. If she were a dog, she’d be a one-eyed miniature dachshund, because they are impossible not to love. She cracks up watching Amy Poehler and Kate McKinnon, two of her favorite comedians.

Kathy moves the needle by trying her best each and every day, in everything she does.


Co-Director of Finance/Operations


Finance and Operations