Margaret Whitson

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Margaret loves taking on a problem and figuring out a solution in today’s complex digital media world. She’s a motivated self-starter who dives head-first into a difficult challenge. Being able to see the big picture is one of Margaret’s strengths, and she is skilled at putting the puzzle pieces together to figure out a long-term solution for AMPERAGE clients. The coolest part of her job is being able to track and identify results and discover exactly what is moving the needle for clients.

She has a wicked sense of humor and prefaces her personality by “expecting to laugh as we go along.” During the winter and close to the holidays, you can find Margaret out observing all of the beautiful Christmas light displays around town, one of her odd hobbies. She also spends her free time traveling, exploring new places around the world, and simpler enjoyments such as gardening and spend time quality time with her family.

Margaret moves the needle by providing measurable digital campaign results.


Associate Media Director