Grand View University Adult Learner Digital Campaign
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Grand View University Landing Page

Grand View University Adult Learner Digital Campaign

Grand View University (GV) wanted to attract more adult learners to its online, evening and weekend classes. AMPERAGE stepped up with a targeted digital marketing campaign. After optimizing the campaign over six months, including a complete refresh of the landing page, GV achieved outstanding results.


Adults Are Busy

Prospective adult students represent multiple demographics, but have some things in common. They’re already deep into the work world and/or parenthood, yet long for more from their lives and livelihoods. For the campaign, themed “There’s a better future with your name on it,” AMPERAGE created and placed digital ads with messaging and imagery through which adults could recognize an opportunity to build a better future.


Digital Is Nimble

Digital marketing is measurable and relatively easy to modify based on results. AMPERAGE carefully analyzed data from the digital campaign to ensure it was moving the needle for GV. Initially, the digital ads were driving a lot of traffic to the landing page, which was written and designed by AMPERAGE. However, there were fewer conversions than expected. After reviewing the data, AMPERAGE made quick optimizations to encourage conversions, and the following month’s conversion rates spiked.


The Data Speaks

A month-to-month comparison shows a dramatic increase in desired responses. Total interactions were up 170%, and landing page sessions soared 250% over the previous month. Other measures also saw big gains, especially for the online class offerings. Follow-up campaigns took those insights into account.