Goodwill of the Heartland Media Campaign
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Goodwill Digital Ad Placements
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Goodwill of the Heartland Media Campaign

When Goodwill was looking to increase store and website traffic, general sales year-over-year and average customer transaction amounts, AMPERAGE designed a media campaign to help them surpass their yearly goals.



AMPERAGE developed integrated campaigns using online and offline media targeting audiences based on interests, rather than website topic searches. Campaigns targeted the Big Three locations — Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and the Quad Cities — and focused on frequency, which ensured the audience was seeing the message at high rates.


Advertisement Variety

Image and video advertisements were developed and introduced on Google, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat and Pinterest. Offline media included TV, radio, theater and special event promotion. Advertisements and coupons were updated monthly to avoid ad fatigue and allow the campaign to remain fresh.


Complete Enthusiasm

Overall, website sessions increased by 29%, with new user views up 10%. In the Quad Cities alone, there was an 81% increase in new web user traffic and a 2% increase in store traffic, surpassing the goal. Over the course of three months, sales increased nearly $60,000 and showed a significant per customer transaction increase.