Wisconsin Hospital Association Marketing Campaign
WHA Campaign graphic

Wisconsin Hospital Association Marketing Campaign

A Bright Future for Wisconsin’s Youth

With a growing demand for healthcare professionals, the Wisconsin Hospital Association (WHA) recognized the need to attract middle and high school students to the state’s vibrant healthcare sector. From competitive compensation to flexible schedules and a job that makes a difference, a plethora of appealing aspects needed to be showcased. ​

The So Many Options campaign that WHA and AMPERAGE created used clinical and non-clinical employees as spokespeople from across the state to show the many options awaiting students. By leveraging visually compelling content, ​the campaign effectively communicated the message that the future of healthcare is full of endless possibilities.​

AMPERAGE solutions included:

  • Theme development 
  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • Video Production
  • Photoshoot
  • Media strategy and placement

Sparking Success

The “So Many Options” campaign resonated with its young audience, drawing in over 1,000 high school students eager to explore careers in healthcare. This campaign highlighted the vast possibilities within the field and ignited a spark of ambition and hope, ensuring a brighter future for Wisconsin’s healthcare landscape.