ConnectCR “Awakening Connections” Fundraising Campaign Video
ConnectCR video opening.
ConnectCR case statement.

ConnectCR “Awakening Connections” Fundraising Campaign Video

Building Bridge

The catastrophic flood of 2008 heavily damaged the historic Cedar Rapids neighborhoods of NewBo and Czech Village. Out of that devastation, two grassroots community projects joined forces as ConnectCR to bridge the two neighborhoods with walking and biking trails.

As part of the revitalization, the ConnectCR project set out to raise $5 million in private funds to make the two neighborhoods a community destination for biking, water recreation and retail business.

Showcasing Tranquility

AMPERAGE Marketing & Fundraising developed “Awakening Connections” as the fundraising campaign theme. From there, the team captured photography and a campaign video showcasing the area’s tranquility. A case statement and booklet enabled donors to learn more about the project.

ConnectCR Campaign Results

  • Private fundraising garnered $8 million, far surpassing the goal of $5 million
  • Positive connections with target audiences included business owners, conservationists, cyclists, area foundations and health-conscious individuals
  • Engaged volunteers including business owners and two former mayors who helped advocate for the “newer” nonprofit