Kirkwood Over-the-Top Results
Kirkwood Community College OTT

Kirkwood Over-the-Top Results

AMPERAGE is always seeking new ways to get Kirkwood Community College in front of prospective students. When a new advertising option – OTT, or over-the-top advertising via internet streaming services — was introduced, AMPERAGE did further research into this platform and recommended it to Kirkwood.


Change of Scene

Kirkwood was in the midst of producing :15 and :30 video spots when OTT advertising was introduced. AMPERAGE estimated 25,000 impressions each month were a possibility. It was time for Kirkwood to make a change.


Watching Kirkwood

OTT has become a great way to reach the target audience: teens and adult learners. After reviewing a couple of months of data, the results from the :30 non-skippable video proved just how popular this advertising medium was.


Unavoidable Results

In one month, nearly 50,000 impressions were delivered. In just over three months, the :30 non-skippable video earned over 169,000 impressions and had a 97.9% view completion rate. Over a three-month period, viewers spent 1,389.6 hours watching Kirkwood’s video. AMPERAGE encouraged Kirkwood to sign a one-year contract and lock in their rate with OTT, saving the client over $20,000 when prices later doubled.