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Marketing expert building a marketing plan for increasing web traffic

A Search Marketing Plan = More Web Traffic

Marketing expert building a marketing plan for increasing web traffic Low or no web traffic to your website? Not showing up in local search? Often, search visibility is either nonexistent or very poor, yet it’s essential to compete in today’s online environment. A researched-based search marketing plan process enables Google and other search engines to increase trust and drive traffic to your website. When more people repeatedly view your website, the more viable your business becomes. As trust builds from search engines and search visibility increases, that’s when you propel upward in rank and gain more web traffic. But how?

Enhanced Search Marketing Plan

Getting traffic to your website from search engines either organically using search engine optimization (SEO) or paid online ads is great, but what if you could take it to the next level?

A successful search marketing plan includes SEO, paid ads and website enhancements that are part of an overall content marketing strategy. Here’s a breakdown of key components:

  • Organic SEO is the way to get free, organic traffic to websites from search engines. According to BrightEdge research, “Organic search delivers an average of 53.3% of all traffic to websites”. Proper SEO helps to match search queries with relevant webpages and helps to outperform other websites competing for similar keywords.
  • Paid ads are the process of paying for ads to appear on search engines and on social media channels.
  • Content marketing involves publishing articles to engage audiences and elevate E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness). When Google recognizes expertise and authority on a certain topic, websites are rewarded with a high rank on search engines.
  • Website enhancements help fix branding and technical issues impacting user-friendliness and search visibility. Our web team may recommend brand enhancements such as adding more graphics, and images and adding keyword-rich copy. We may also recommend navigation changes or even suggest adding new webpages. From a technical perspective, page-speed improvements are often needed as well as mobile-friendly enhancements.

Google Ranking Factors & Our Search Marketing Plan Process

To rank higher on Google and gain more web traffic, understanding the top-ranking factors of Google’s search algorithm is vital. At AMPERAGE, we build a search marketing strategy around these ranking factors to increase online search visibility and increase web traffic to our client’s website. According to a recent study by, here are the top-ranking factors for 2022:

search marketing plan process showing ranking factors to increase web trafficYou’ll see publishing high-quality content is the #1 ranking factor. It’s why we recommend a content marketing strategy in our search marketing plans. Next, it’s keywords in page title tags and other on-page SEO optimization techniques and backlinking. You can see user engagement and niche expertise is also important and why our search marketing plans are likely to include quality content creation like adding more keyword-rich webpages or adding videos, more graphics and customer and/or expertise testimonials. Lastly, our client’s websites may not be mobile-friendly, fast, and set up properly for crawling and indexing. Our search marketing plans offer suggestions to fix these barriers, too.

Increase Your Search Visibility, Gain More Web Traffic & Outrank your Competitors Today!

Let AMPERAGE Marketing & Fundraising help you increase your search visibility. Our proven search marketing plan process will propel your brand to the top position on Google resulting in more web traffic, conversions and sales. Contact AMPERAGE today and we’ll get started with a thorough audit of your website and your online search presence, then we’ll deliver back to you a comprehensive search marketing plan of action to help you outrank your competitors.

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With over 30 years of agency leadership experience, Chris has a unique and diversified background working with clients across multiple industries. She brings her entrepreneurial spirit and creativity to the busy Content Solutions team to help agency clients and prospects elevate their online search visibility with proper search engine optimization or Organic SEO. She is famously calm and level-headed yet overflowing with energy. Chris’ favorite word is “lovely.” She is one of six ambitious sisters and loves coffee and anything creative. In her free time, Chris enjoys long walks with family and friends, biking, boating, traveling, and spending time with her family. Chris moves the needle by delighting clients.