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Jennifer Rubel, director of team of Fundraising Consultants for nonprofits.

Meet our Team of Experienced Fundraising Consultants for Nonprofits

In uncertain or stressful economic times, some of your donors may be less willing to give, while at the same time, demand increases for your nonprofit’s programs and services. Hiring a team of fundraising experts may be the solution.

Your organization may decide it’s time to grow to meet that demand and launch a capital campaign to fund the effort. Today’s tight labor market, however, can make it difficult to hire for a development role on your team.

A professional fundraising consultant can be the key to successful nonprofit fundraising.

“One of the wisest decisions an organization can make on their path to reaching or exceeding their campaign goals is to hire a team of experienced fundraising experts. An experienced consultant will help them navigate the complexities of campaign preparation, execution and successful campaign completion,” says Jennifer Rubel, AMPERAGE director of fundraising.

AMPERAGE offers nonprofits an additional advantage. Our combined fundraising expertise and comprehensive marketing services are a single-source benefit most fundraising firms cannot offer.

“AMPERAGE’s combined expertise in fundraising and marketing is what sets us apart from other consulting agencies. Our fundraising advisers and marketing strategists have extensive experience and long track records of success in consulting on campaigns that meet and often exceed their goals,” Jennifer says.

Strategic campaign consulting and smart marketing insights for reaching and motivating your donors to give is a formula for success, no matter the economic landscape.

Meet our team of fundraising experts

Jennifer Rubel, fundraising expert, headshot.

Jennifer Rubel

Our director of fundraising has more than 25 years of experience in fundraising and marketing and has played instrumental roles in large-scale campaigns for billions of dollars.

Tim Torgerson, fundraising expert, headshot.

Tim Torgerson

Tim, based in our Minneapolis office, has 37 years of experience in fundraising, including 18 years with the American Cancer Society where he closed some of the organization’s largest gifts ever.

Melissa Pence CFRE, fundraising expert, headshot.

Melissa Pence, CFRE

A Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE), Melissa has extensive experience in development and leadership roles in the nonprofit sector.

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