Is TV Advertising still Effective?

Is TV Advertising still Effective?

Is TV Advertising still Effective?

TV Ads vs. OTT Ads

TV advertising remains a strong ad medium for today’s advertisers. TV viewership has always been high, and it’s especially now with the COVID pandemic.  However, with the current shift in viewership to online-connected devices, Over The Top ads (OTT) are dominating the media buying landscape. Television viewing encompasses whoever presses the TV button. With TV we target by geography, gender and age. When it comes to OTT viewing, every impression is directed to a targeted individual. With OTT we can target specific audience segments, income, zip code, education, ethnicity and on and on.  Unlike broadcast TV, OTT can be tracked and measured. When building your next media plan a mix of both traditional TV advertising and OTT ads should be considered.

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