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BlogOTT is Steadily Growing

OTT is Steadily Growing

Slowly, but steadily, OTT is taking over as a leading TV content delivery option for advertisers. OTT stands for “Over The Top,” as in over the top of the cable box, bypassing cable and satellite television. It doesn’t mean free, it just means it is delivered via the internet and not through traditional content delivery systems. Basically, OTT is streaming media.

Changes in our living habits (Covid) OTT is growing faster and offering more new programming options.

As Americans, we love our TV programs. The time spent with each delivery source is not surprising considering how many “screens” the average household has available. The charts do not show time playing games, only consuming programming.

What is worth noting is it is not about the network, or the service or the media used to deliver the content, it is the person’s “favorite show” that really drives viewers. “Ease” of use and “Live” (mostly sports oriented programming) drive viewership, but that is probably the person’s favorite show as well.

So don’t get too caught up in the delivery method, because those change. What’s important is the show. We had a saying in TV, “People don’t watch networks or stations, they watch shows.” So pick the best shows to reach your audiences if they are on broadcast, cable or OTT.

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