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BlogSick of Politics? What Can We Learn From Political Media Buying?

Sick of Politics? What Can We Learn From Political Media Buying?

You could probably tell from your own viewership and search that four billion more dollars were spent this political season than 4 years ago. These are mind-numbing numbers to think about, yet more than 11 billion dollars were placed on all kinds of media and in marketing efforts for this election cycle.

According to an Advertiser Perception study from Marketing Charts, if you put partisan politics aside, you can learn a lot from these numbers. The most “effective or influential” political platforms are 1) Broadcast TV, 2) Social Media and 3) Cable TV. Video is a big player in the top tier of effective political message delivery considering that even social media would include video messaging on Facebook. The second tier are Direct Mail, Digital Display, Email and Podcasts. Other than direct mail, the others are considered “new media” even if they have been around for many, many years.

So What About Digital?

You may be wondering, “Where is the rapid increase in digital marketing?” There are so many rules and regulations placed on political digital advertising, that it is no surprise that digital marketing is not in the top tier of influential political ad platforms.

For influential messaging, broadcast and cable are still the leaders, with the newcomer social providing a new medium to provide video messaging. These three media are more expensive than all other media due to their influential abilities, and that leads to raising huge amounts of money–roughly $11 billion now.

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