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Research and Tomorrow’s World View

This time in our history will seem like A.D. 1. It is a clear demarcation time, like WWII, the Great Depression or, in my home city, the Flood of ’08. It’s when everything seems to change — for good and not so good.

If you read this blog regularly, you know I scour the web for new research on human behavior and marketing, but I’m having trouble knowing what to do with surveys and studies that happened pre-COVID-19. Too much has changed. This event has impacted every business, nonprofit and human being in the U.S. and around the world.

Would a survey that showed restaurant habits pre-COVID-19 be relevant now that you know that people have increased home cooking by nearly 60%? What to do with all that research. how to quieries on Google

One bit of research I have found useful is Google’s search trend reporting. In March 2020, Google reported that “virtual birthday party ideas” was a rapidly trending inquiry. To really see what is happening, Google has been reporting out search data on this special site  Google separates the data into “What is/are” searches and “How to” searches. The data is amazingly displayed and worth the look. top seach categories in google during pandemic

I will continue to cull and aggregate the research that still seems relevant given our circumstances, but the COVID-19 curse has changed us all and our behaviors. This real-time Google research sees all our fears and anxieties around topics. With Google’s insights you can really see how the COVID-19 crisis has dominated our world view and our future view of the world.


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