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BlogIn a COVID-19 World, the Most Important Content Improvement

In a COVID-19 World, the Most Important Content Improvement

Prior to, during and I’m sure after COVID-19, we’ll still be talking content.

Marketing Charts published this information from before COVID-19 (which I hate to share any thinking prior to the pandemic because it is too dated). It shows what we were thinking about with content. You’ll notice it is about things. Blog content marketing

Not one mention of quality. These are all things. And if there is one “thing” we can all learn from COVID-19, it is that you must put people over things.

A good story is about people. Real people. You can do all the marketing automation, geotargeting and actionable reporting you want, but if your stories are braggadocios, then watch this video and remember why you consume content.

Test and learn strategies? Learn about empathy.

Bee video

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With almost 30 years’ experience, AMPERAGE didn’t hire Mark … Mark hired AMPERAGE. He is creatively ambidextrous — son of an artist and engineer — and famous for distilling complex ideas down to a few words and a few visuals. As one of our fearless leaders (and our go-to sommelier), Mark works tirelessly to solve the complex puzzle that is “communication.” He’s written a whole book about it. If Mark were a dog, he’d be an Australian shepherd, consistently herding and providing direction to the AMPERAGE flock. Aussies also have two different colored eyes, which Mark thinks is great. Mark moves the needle by digging into research, background and persona for clients. It is from that solid foundation that he can empower clients to build large branded houses.