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SEO Trends for 2021 in search bar

Top SEO Trends in 2021 for Top Rankings

Everything Changes in SEO

What worked in previous years, now is quickly disappearing. Staying on top of the latest SEO trends and updates is a daunting task. Is it worth the effort? The answer is a resounding YES! Remember, 70% to 80% of users focus exclusively on organic search results and ignore those paid listings. Let’s not forget that 28% of those users actually convert and make a purchase or complete a desired action. To elevate your site into a top-ranking SEO powerhouse, you need to pay attention and prepare a strategy to include these important SEO trends in your 2021 planning.

Here are a few SEO trends to consider as you prepare your 2021 SEO strategy:

  1. Google’s Mobile First Indexing. In late 2019, Google went to mobile-first indexing, which means that the search engine looks at the mobile version of your site first and considers that to be the main version of your site instead of the desktop version. Why did Google move in that direction? It makes perfect sense when you consider that 73% of people searching the internet will be searching on their mobile devices by 2025. Making sure that the mobile version of your site addresses all of Google’s mandates is absolutely critical.
  2. An Impactful SEO Strategy Will Need to Include Video. In a poll conducted by Oberlo, 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support. Why is there such demand for video? It’s interesting, entertaining, viral and plays on every device. With a little editing, there are myriad platforms to put them on including Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and others. Don’t forget that you’ll need to optimize your videos for search, but when it’s done the right way, they will drive traffic and build awareness.
  3. Local Search Listings Gain Prominence in SEO. Internet searches aren’t always global. More often than not, people are looking for localized products and services. Statistics from Safari Digital show that 46% of Google searches feature local intent. Google is continuously updating its local search results and how they are shown. This has given rise to “zero-click” searches, in which the user’s query is displayed in a “local pack or section” requiring no additional clicks. If your business is relying on local discoverability, local search should be a large part of your SEO strategy.
  4. Evergreen Content. Luckily, there are some constants that do not change. High-quality content has been a critical part of SEO for many years and still ranks at the top. Google will penalize your site in a heartbeat if it perceives poorly written text and a failure to create a pleasing user experience. Keep your content relevant and high quality because anything short of that will undermine your rank on search engines.

One thing that will never change is SEO will continue to evolve. In 2021, SEO trends involve more than just simply optimizing keywords on your webpages. So, it’s essential that you keep an eye on your rankings and consider how you will implement an SEO strategy, factoring in all the latest and greatest SEO trends. For help optimizing your website for better SEO discoverability in 2021, contact AMPERAGE Marketing & Fundraising.

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