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Journey mapping session notes at AMPERAGE Marketing

5 Surprises We Found Journey Mapping for Clients

AMPERAGE Marketing & Fundraising has led journey mapping and sales funnel exercises for healthcare, education, nonprofit and B2B clients. We’ve noticed a few trends that surprised us as we conducted our journey mapping sessions.

Developing a comprehensive journey map can be rigorous work, but it is an enlightening, creative tool to broadly understand your customers’, patients’, donors’ moments of truth.

1.  Fundamental sales processes are not always shared by team members

We are always a little surprised that team members are not aware of fundamental sales components necessary to complete a sale, attract a patient or entice a student to attend a college. The touch-points, or as Google calls it “moments of truth,” are siloed and poorly understood by others who could enhance or optimize touchpoints for the good of the organization.

2.  Inefficient touchpoints or processes are identified and eliminated

One of the most satisfying parts of running a journey map process is when there are “aha” moments around unproductive touchpoints. It usually starts with a question, “Why do we do that?” And can end with, “Let’s invest in some other critical touchpoint.”

3.  There are large communication gaps in the sales funnel

By doing a visual journey map, you can quickly see where large communication gaps exist. The prospect is waiting for information, but the next touchpoint doesn’t come or is so late interest is lost.

4.  Empathy is built from the customer’s perspective

A truly surprising twist of perspective comes during the journey map process—a true empathy seems to build for the prospective patient, client, donor or student. Walking a few miles in the customer’s shoes forces us to look outside-in rather than inside-out. It’s a new perspective that will yield results.

5.  Most are relying on luck to play a large part in the sales process

We all appreciate lucky moments in the sales process, but some organizations seem to be only built on luck and hope. Unfortunately, neither is a strategy. Proactive, strategic approaches work best and become luckier and luckier.

To discover what you can learn about your sales process through journey mapping, connect with a marketing research specialist at AMPERAGE Marketing & Fundraising today.

Written by:

Erin has a career background in communications, marketing and market research, making her efficient and skilled at creating marketing strategies targeted to each client’s business needs. She starts with a positive, servant leadership attitude, gaining the overall big picture ideas, and then lays out individual plans on how to achieve those goals. Erin believes in the missions of AMPERAGE clients: They want to make a positive impact, and she feels there is no greater excitement than knowing she was a small part of their success.

She has a hearty love for reading all kinds of books during the colder months of the year, and otherwise remains very active, enjoying biking, walking and working out routinely. Erin also has the talent to memorize song lyrics after hearing a song only a couple of times and will remember it forever! Erin exclusively requests songs with words. She needs a story alongside the song — nothing instrumental like classical or jazz music.

Erin moves the needle by always striving to help organizations she works with make an impact on the communities they serve.

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