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Fundraising tip - online gifting

Fundraising Tips for 2022 to Keep Charitable Giving Easy

Fundraising tip - online giftingHow we work and socialize has changed a lot since early 2020. The same is true for how people financially support nonprofits. As a result, nonprofits must adapt to meet supporters’ expectations by making charitable giving simple and stress-free. Here are some fundraising tips to make charitable giving to your organization easy for your supporters.

2022 Fundraising Tips:

1. Optimize online charitable giving

Sure, you may have a donate button on your website, but how easy is it for a donor to make a gift? Do they have to search through pages on your website to find the donate button? Can donors select their areas of interest to support? Avoid any obstacles that may hinder an individual from making their charitable gift online. In electronic correspondence such as email and newsletters, include a direct link to the donate page so the reader can react without taking extra steps to search your website.

2. Implement text-to-give options

Charitable giving by text or mobile phone has grown in popularity and not just with younger donors. In fact, according to the Nonprofit Source, text donors are most likely to be married females between the ages of 49 and 59 with a college degree. Individuals now spend more time on their mobile devices than a computer and their attention may be best reached with a text message.

3. Establish or enhance recurring giving program

If you do not have a recurring charitable giving program as part of your development plan, now is the time to implement or enhance. A recurring giving program provides donors with an opt-in way to support your organization on a regular basis, such as monthly or quarterly contributions. Particularly if your nonprofit has had to downscale on special events or in-person visits, a recurring giving program provides donors the opportunity to support your organization’s ongoing fundraising efforts and establishes a consistent revenue stream for your nonprofit.

4. Consider accepting charitable gifts from nontraditional sources

More individuals are using digital wallets to pay for transactions rather than cash, check or credit card. Allow donors the ability to make gifts from sources such as Google Pay and Apple Pay, PayPal and Venmo. In addition, cryptocurrency is growing in popularity and can yield significant revenue if an individual chooses to donate it to a nonprofit organization.

5. Stay engaged on social channels

Donors still want to feel connected to your organization, even though in-person opportunities are fewer than in years past. A fall 2021 study by the University of Maine estimates nearly 5 billion people in the world use at least one social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram or TikTok. Organizations should have an active presence on their current social media platforms and interact regularly with followers. In addition, nonprofits may want to explore new social media platforms to better reach target audiences.

6. Utilize video content to connect

In the absence of personal interaction, people also have become more connected through video. YouTube, the free video-sharing website, has over 2.29 billion active users. Videos can be easily created from a mobile device and uploaded to YouTube for sharing with others. Consider posting videos of organizational updates, client testimonials or virtual tours to share with your supporters. Livestream video and social media also can be combined to create a virtual connection during a special event or as a hybrid approach in connecting in-person and virtual audiences.

If you need help executing any of these fundraising tips to connect and simplify charitable giving opportunities for your supporters, contact one of our fundraising consultants at AMPERAGE Marketing & Fundraising by calling 319.268.9151 or

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