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AMPERAGE Feasibility Study

What Can You Expect From an AMPERAGE Feasibility Study?

An AMPERAGE Feasibility Study is Comprehensive.

Raising significant funds for a capital or endowment campaign is a large undertaking. AMPERAGE Marketing & Fundraising has conducted over 120 feasibility studies testing over $1 billion for worthy organizations in healthcare, education, community development, conservation, human services and the arts. Our fundraising consultants will work with your team to develop a timeline that works for you to conduct an AMPERAGE Feasibility Study that is more comprehensive and thorough with the following outputs:

"As a board member, an AMPERAGE feasibility study is exactly what we needed to prepare for a vote on the proposed campaign. AMPERAGE made sure we were truly ready for the next step. Benchmarking against other studies was invaluable to saying yes to the huge investment of time and resources."

Attorney Sam Jones, Shuttleworth & Ingersoll, Past President, Willis Dady Homeless Services Board

AMPERAGE Feasibility Study Outputs:

AMPERAGE Feasibility StudyStatement of Need
  • Initial case for support outlining your project’s history, needs, costs and the value your project will bring to your community
Volunteer Engagement
  • Recruit individuals to serve on a feasibility study committee to review the statement of need and suggest potential individuals to interview for the study
  • Identify individuals willing to serve as campaign volunteers
Organizational Readiness
  • Board of Directors Readiness Assessment
  • Review organization’s structure, history of funds raised and database to determine success in running a major campaign
  • SPOT (Strengths, Problems, Opportunities and Threats) analysis
Determine Future Support for the Campaign
  • Set attainable campaign goal
  • Identify potential lead gifts and volunteers for the campaign
  • Cultivate potential donors to your campaign through participation in the feasibility study
  • Create public awareness for your organization and pending campaign
Campaign Strategy
  • Recommendations for campaign direction and timeline

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