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Magnet and figures of people representing brand recognition equally brand loyalty

Brand Recognition Builds Loyalty

Magnet and figures of people representing brand recognition equally brand loyaltyIf you have kids or are ever around children, have you ever paid attention to the brands they notice? A few years ago, I was driving with my then 2-year-old, when she started screaming “jump park”. I was initially confused because we had no intentions of going to the trampoline park that day, then I realized she spotted the park’s logo from the interstate. The mom in me thought, “Wow, I’m raising a genius!” The marketer in me was fascinated and got me thinking more about brand recognition.

Research suggests that children recognize brands by 1½ -2 years of age, and that brand loyalty follows soon after. We’re not selling to toddlers but no matter what audience you’re selling to, there are strategies to increase brand recognition whether it’s through sharing content with supporting visuals, telling stories through video, running media campaigns or through earned media.

There are five stages of brand recognition: awareness, preference, reputation, trust and loyalty. Unfortunately, brands don’t work through all the stages overnight.  So how do you know what stage your brand is in – and how do you keep moving through the stages? There are several ways to measure the effectiveness of brand recognition – one of them being research. The research solution may vary from surveys, interviews, focus groups, net promoter scores, etc. It all comes down to your goals and what you want to learn.

Whether you have a good sense of the key performance indicators that matter most to your brand and business or you’re not sure what KPIs to measure – we’d love to start a conversation. Email us at or visit our website to learn more about our solutions.

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Rachael is a relationship builder, a keen listener and a strategic thinker with a proven track record of driving business growth. Here is how one client described Rachael. "She is smart, respectful, and listens to our direction and ideas. She uses her expertise to enhance plans by drawing on her knowledge and experience and communicating our vision to the rest of the AMPERAGE team." With an extensive background in higher education business development as well as earning her MBA, Rachael utilizes her growth mindset to formulate and implement growth strategies that drive expansion. She also oversees and optimizes marketing strategies for enhanced brand visibility. She has worked with many clients but has worked most closely with the Eastern Iowa Airport - CID, Kirkwood Community College, Cowley College, Southeastern Community College, Heartland Express and Iowa Health+. She has also presented at numerous conferences, including the National Council for Marketing & Public Relations (NCMPR), The Way Up and UNI PRSSA. Rachael is also a community leader including volunteering for the United Way, serving on the board for the Iowa Giving Crew and fundraising as part of the Leadership for Five Seasons class of 2023. Her role on the local Executive Leadership Team for the American Heart Association in Linn County grew out of personal experience. According to Rachael, "My mother survived a stroke 15 years ago, so I naturally became passionate about fundraising and educating communities about warning signs/symptoms of stroke and heart disease in women." Because of these kinds of personal passions, philanthropy and nonprofit work have become hallmarks of AMPERAGE's work and volunteerism. If you want a sample of Rachael’s thinking, click on the AMPERAGE Marketing AMPcast or an AMP Blog.