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Email Marketing: Email Fatigue is Real

When is too much of a good thing too much? It is more a perception than reality, but the email fatigue is real.Email concept with laptop ang girl hands

The No. 1 reason people say they unsubscribe from email lists is, “I get too many emails in general,” says a survey by MarketingSherpa, titled the “Customer Satisfaction Research Study (Dec 2016).” That may not seem like a “you” problem since you may feel as if you have no control over the number of emails people receive in a day. Yet it is a real reason people unsubscribe from your emails. The No. 2 reason people unsubscribe is that the emails “are not relevant to me.” That you can control and fix.

What is of more concern is the No. 3 reason, “I receive too many emails from this company specifically.” So how many is too many? I’m not sure anyone has the exact answer. It is somewhere between 1 per week and 1 per month. Relevancy plays a large role and so do many other factors.

According to respondents to the survey, some of the other factors are that emails are “boring, repetitive and always trying to sell something.” A little over 10% believe that emails are too focused on company needs and “not enough on my needs.” Some also said that the emails look too cluttered and sloppy. They also said, “I get emails that don’t look good on my smartphone.”

What can wake up your email campaigns? Try relevancy first, personalized messaging, better design and better targeting. The alarm is sounding.

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