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BlogHere Is a Video Designed for 2 People

Here Is a Video Designed for 2 People

A friend of mine works with Beyond Pink and the National Breast Cancer Coalition. Her name is Sarah, and she is 100% in when she takes on an issue, but she surprised me with a marketing ploy few would execute.

Sarah was participating in a federal lobby day. In the past they have approached Sen. Joni Ernst more than 15 times to co-sponsor a bill called the Metastatic Breast Cancer Access to Care Act. This is not a political blog, but this is a blog for some brilliant marketing.

The ask had been mostly the same in the past, but this time, the request to co-sponsor included a video made for just two people: Ernst and Sen. Charles Grassley. After watching the video, created by Sarah and her husband, Chris, Ernst signed on after so many asks. No word yet from Grassley, but there is still hope and a great video. This is the best example of targeted marketing I’ve ever seen. We should all take notice, from fundraising campaigns to Fortune 500. This is personalization at its best.

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