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BlogThe Next Gen Is Coming and Do They Have a Weird Story

The Next Gen Is Coming and Do They Have a Weird Story

The Gen Zers’ lives are a mess: Graduations canceled, jobs delayed, internships withdrawn, virtual proms, parties no more. There is worry and stress impacting our next gen ages 13-25. Generation Z sign

What do they want from brands going forward? The truth.

Colleges and retailers need to realize that Gen Z is different and messaging must be different to reach this next gen. According to a survey by DoSomething, brands should not gloss over these troublesome times and not offer disingenuous statements.

Here are some of the research findings as reported in AdWeek:

  • 47% want uplifting stories
  • 55% want information about how a brand helped local communities impacted by COVID-19
  • 59% want information on how brands are keeping employees safe
  • 88% of Gen Z believe brands should be communicating about COVID-19
  • 74% trust sincerity
  • 59% want profits donated to relief efforts
  • 56% want brands to provide consumers with resources to help them make a difference on their own


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