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Listen to These Podcasting Numbers

I know: When am I going to turn this blog into a podcast? After 11 years, I’m thinking the same thing.

During COVID-19, podcasting has grown even though streaming also has blown up. It is young people who are leading the podcasting charge: 31% of Gen Z is listening to more podcasts, millennials 26%, Gen X 16%, boomers 11%.

If you do a podcast, you also need to promote your podcast. I’m often surprised by those who try various media expecting magic to happen. It doesn’t. Just like everything else in the new digital world, you must work at it. Podcasts can be the “intersection between the passive way a brand is heard and the active participation of how a brand converses” with its audiences, according to OgilvyUSA’s Robert Davis.

Creating relevant content is hard. There are no shortcuts. Podcasts require deep thinking and perseverance, just like writing blogs, producing videos and posting infographics. You are not a TV station for your brand, and you need to fill a full day of programming.

Podcasting is just one more show — content that will help fill your broadcast day and makes sure your brand is conversing with your audiences.

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With almost 30 years’ experience, AMPERAGE didn’t hire Mark … Mark hired AMPERAGE. He is creatively ambidextrous — son of an artist and engineer — and famous for distilling complex ideas down to a few words and a few visuals. As one of our fearless leaders (and our go-to sommelier), Mark works tirelessly to solve the complex puzzle that is “communication.” He’s written a whole book about it. If Mark were a dog, he’d be an Australian shepherd, consistently herding and providing direction to the AMPERAGE flock. Aussies also have two different colored eyes, which Mark thinks is great. Mark moves the needle by digging into research, background and persona for clients. It is from that solid foundation that he can empower clients to build large branded houses.