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What Ages Play Video Games?

When you say video games, what age of user immediately pops in your mind’s eye?

A male kid right?  Not so fast my friend (quoting Coach Lee Corso, 85): Take a look at this chart for a surprising view into the gaming demographic. We may think kids, but adults of all ages are playing games on consoles and desktop formats.

Game players in US 2020

More than 50% of “gamers” are over the age of 35 and even more surprising, 15% of all gamers are more than 55 years old. Maybe even Lee Corso plays a video game. The study also found that Covid-19 has caused people to play more games than they did last year.

Ad placement in games and in streaming programming on Connected TV (CTV)  is growing in popularity and in effectiveness.  (CTV is any TV connected to the internet.) People are responding favorably to the ads they view according to this research from SpotX. Nearly 30% of people are “considering in making a purchase” or “made a purchase” because of an ad they viewed in this format.

Connected TV views and Ads

It may be “just a game,” but it is positive advertising environment with audience interested in the ads they are viewing.

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