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A Holiday Cheers to our Healthcare Heroes

This pandemic has touched us all in direct and indirect ways. The majority of AMPERAGE’s clients are in the health field, and because of that we have watched from the front row and marveled at how healthcare rose to the cause.

In lieu of our usual holiday gifts, our employees decided that our efforts and money would be better spent if used to make the lives of our healthcare heroes a little brighter. So, in honor of your organization, we made donations to organizations who support healthcare heroes.

Cheers to the holidays and the healthcare heroes who have kept us safe. Happy holidays from your friends at AMPERAGE Marketing & Fundraising.

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Erin has a career background in communications, marketing and market research, making her efficient and skilled at creating marketing strategies targeted to each client’s business needs. She starts with a positive, servant leadership attitude, gaining the overall big picture ideas, and then lays out individual plans on how to achieve those goals. Erin believes in the missions of AMPERAGE clients: They want to make a positive impact, and she feels there is no greater excitement than knowing she was a small part of their success.

She has a hearty love for reading all kinds of books during the colder months of the year, and otherwise remains very active, enjoying biking, walking and working out routinely. Erin also has the talent to memorize song lyrics after hearing a song only a couple of times and will remember it forever! Erin exclusively requests songs with words. She needs a story alongside the song — nothing instrumental like classical or jazz music.

Erin moves the needle by always striving to help organizations she works with make an impact on the communities they serve.

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