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Healthcare marketing online on smartphone graphic

Top Healthcare Marketing Strategies to Spring into Action in 2022

Healthcare marketing online on smartphone graphic

The right healthcare marketing strategies are all about understanding how potential patients consume information. Healthcare marketers know reaching, engaging and influencing these new patients in 2022 will require a shift in strategy from previous years. But what marketing strategies will make an impact?

These healthcare marketing strategies are proving to be most effective in 2022:

Engage Online

Online patient communication strategies encouraging patient engagement are making an impact in 2022. Committing to constant online communication deepens patient loyalty. Consider developing strategies to engage patients on your social media channels and through email marketing like hosting a live Q&A session, posting provider and patient testimonial videos, sharing positive outcomes and real patient success stories. The key is to be interactive and engaging by linking back a specific webpage on your website to learn more.

Always be Authentic

Online marketing has become one of the most influential healthcare marketing strategies today. And it’s affordable. However, in 2022, a shift to authenticity in content messaging will deliver the best results. Patients prefer content like real patient stories, real before-and-after pictures and real patient video testimonials vs. stock images with sales-y ad messages. The use of real patients/real providers in content marketing will help elevate credibility and trustworthiness of a brand.

Videos Are Vital

In 2022, video content is vital and should be one of the top executed healthcare marketing strategies. According to a Videos are Vital2022 State of Video Marketing Survey, the amount of online video watched per week, per person, has almost doubled since 2018. When it comes to healthcare, we know that prior to patients visiting their provider, they most certainly will do their research. Video is ideal way to demonstrate skills, expertise and outcomes on a particular healthcare treatment or procedure. If authentic and authoritative, video content is sure to provide patients with the much-needed peace of mind before deciding on treatment. Another report from Cisco states that 82% of all consumer web traffic will be from video. So always remember to search engine optimize each individual video before posting online. This helps with search visibility by propelling websites to the first page of Google.

Authentic image of patient and provider - top healthcare marketing strategiesUse Attention-grabbing Visuals

When browsing online, people are inundated with marketing messages almost continually.To make an impact with your content marketing, strong visual elements must be present. Headlines should be bold, text scannable with bulleted lists and images colorful. If possible, use real faces in your content.  Again, authenticity is key. In real-world A/B tests, human photos increase conversion rates and have a positive impact on trustworthiness.

If you need help evolving your healthcare marketing strategies to become more authentic and more engaging, reach out to a healthcare marketing specialist at AMPERAGE Marketing & Fundraising. We’ll help you build a powerful healthcare marketing plan with content messaging that positively impacts people’s lives in significant ways.

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