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Advanced planning strategy meeting.

Be Proactive: Plan for Your Next Fiscal Year’s Healthcare Marketing Strategy Now

The healthcare landscape is in constant flux. Technological advancements, raising patient expectations, ever-changing regulations and declining budgets present significant challenges for today’s healthcare marketers. Taking a proactive approach with advanced planning helps ease the burden. By meticulously crafting your marketing strategy well before the next fiscal year, you position your healthcare organization for success. Here’s how: 

Foresight is 20/20

Healthcare trends are evolving. Advanced planning allows you to research and anticipate upcoming shifts such as telehealth becoming the norm, a rise in preventative care focus or the growing influence of patient reviews. By proactively incorporating these trends, your marketing strategy remains relevant. 

Target Like a Laser

Today’s patients are empowered, tech-savvy and demand a more personalized and convenient healthcare experience. Advanced planning allows you to dive deeper into target audience research. Who are you trying to reach? Young families? Active seniors? Busy professionals with specific concerns? Understanding their demographics, pain points and preferred communication channels allows you to develop targeted messaging that resonates. 

  • Develop Patient Personas:  Create detailed profiles of your ideal patients, including age, demographics, health concerns, preferred communication channels and online behavior. This segmentation allows you to develop targeted messages with content that resonates with specific patient groups.  

Build Trust with Authentic Content

High-quality, informative content is the cornerstone of successful healthcare marketing. Patients today prefer authenticity. They want stories they can connect with, not just medical jargon. 

  • Create Testimonial Videos: People trust other patients’ experiences. Plan to capture genuine video testimonials. Showcase their journeys, from facing health challenges to finding successful treatment with your healthcare organization. These testimonials add a powerful human touch, fostering trust and credibility. Remember to obtain informed consent from patients before featuring them in any marketing materials.
  • Use Real-life Images: Compelling visuals instantly grab attention and evoke emotions. Instead of generic stock photos, plan to capture real-life imagery from your facility. Images of smiling staff, happy patients and state-of-the-art equipment paint a positive picture of your healthcare organization. 

Stay Compliant with HIPAA

The healthcare industry is heavily regulated, with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) being a primary privacy law. Advanced planning allows you to stay current with evolving regulations and ensure your marketing activities are fully compliant. 

  • HIPAA and Patient Privacy: Review HIPAA regulations and make sure all marketing materials comply with patient privacy protection guidelines. Never use patient names or identifiable information without explicit consent. Focus on general demographics and health concerns when crafting content. 

Prepare for the Unexpected: Develop a PR Crisis Communications Plan

Even the most carefully prepared strategy can face unforeseen changes. Advanced planning empowers you to develop a comprehensive PR crisis communications plan. This ensures a swift, measured response should a negative incident arise. 

  • Advanced planning at ad agency.Define Your Crisis Response Team: Establish a dedicated team responsible for managing potential PR crises. This group should include representatives from marketing, public relations and legal teams. 
  • Develop Clear Communication Protocols: Determine who is authorized to speak on behalf of the organization during a crisis. Outline the channels you will use to communicate with patients and the media (e.g., press releases, social media statements). 
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Conduct mock crisis scenarios to test your plan’s effectiveness. Refine your communication strategy based on the results of these simulations. 

Manage Reduced Marketing Budget

With budget cuts rising, proactive planning allows you to research and secure the most cost-effective marketing channels and resources. Negotiating with vendors in advance gives you more leverage. Planning early helps allocate your budget strategically and maximize return on investment. 

Rachael Holland, MBA, worked for eight years in higher education before joining AMPERAGE. Rachael is an innovative, strategic thinker who is ready to add the "extra" to ordinary marketing efforts.By embracing advanced planning you can navigate the ever-evolving healthcare landscape with confidence. If you need help taking a proactive marketing approach, email: to schedule a complimentary consultation with Rachael Holland, AMPERAGE’s Vice President of Growth. 

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Rachael is a relationship builder, a keen listener and a strategic thinker with a proven track record of driving business growth. Here is how one client described Rachael. "She is smart, respectful, and listens to our direction and ideas. She uses her expertise to enhance plans by drawing on her knowledge and experience and communicating our vision to the rest of the AMPERAGE team." With an extensive background in higher education business development as well as earning her MBA, Rachael utilizes her growth mindset to formulate and implement growth strategies that drive expansion. She also oversees and optimizes marketing strategies for enhanced brand visibility. She has worked with many clients but has worked most closely with the Eastern Iowa Airport - CID, Kirkwood Community College, Cowley College, Southeastern Community College, Heartland Express and Iowa Health+. She has also presented at numerous conferences, including the National Council for Marketing & Public Relations (NCMPR), The Way Up and UNI PRSSA. Rachael is also a community leader including volunteering for the United Way, serving on the board for the Iowa Giving Crew and fundraising as part of the Leadership for Five Seasons class of 2023. Her role on the local Executive Leadership Team for the American Heart Association in Linn County grew out of personal experience. According to Rachael, "My mother survived a stroke 15 years ago, so I naturally became passionate about fundraising and educating communities about warning signs/symptoms of stroke and heart disease in women." Because of these kinds of personal passions, philanthropy and nonprofit work have become hallmarks of AMPERAGE's work and volunteerism. If you want a sample of Rachael’s thinking, click on the AMPERAGE Marketing AMPcast or an AMP Blog.