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BlogIs It Time to Influence the Influencers?

Is It Time to Influence the Influencers?

We all want quick-fix solutions, but the simple truth is that it is impossible to lose significant weight, get substantially healthier or get in shape with a one-time easy button. The math is this: Time + Effort = Results. No shortcuts.

The same is true for marketing, especially for search engine optimization (SEO), digital campaigns, fundraising, social media, developing email lists, brand building and developing influencer marketing groups.

It takes a lot of time and effort to “develop” influencers. You can buy some. You can fool some. But for real influence, you need to develop the influencers.

According to a study reported by Marketing Charts, even B2B brands are finding marketing gold in developing an influencer marketing effort — bloggers, social media stars (people with large audiences) and subject matter experts.

What makes the best influencers, according to the study, is their audience relevance, subject matter expertise, values that align with the brand’s and their ability to create relevant content. Influencers can serve as ambassadors, provide quotes, support brands in social media posts, participate in media interviews and endorse products and services.

As you can see from the chart, the benefits of influencer marketing is worth all the time and effort to make it succeed. Then come the results.

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