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AMPERAGE Marketing Agency Core Leadership Team

AMPERAGE Marketing & Fundraising launches new leadership team

Bryan Earnest, President & CEO of AMPERAGE Marketing & Fundraising, announced a new leadership team to move the organization forward.

“The recent transition to sole ownership gave us the opportunity to build a new leadership team focused on the future. This updated structure evolves and elevates the company and empowers us to serve our clients with a stronger strategy and creative concepts. With our diversified leadership team, we’re embracing the different work styles, approaches and creativity each person brings to the table. With their expertise and input, we’re moving the needle for our clients to positively impact people’s lives in significant ways,” said Earnest.

This forward-thinking approach involved careful consideration to create a small, nimble leadership team that is cross-functional and experienced. “We can now focus on opportunities while meeting client demands and our organizational needs for the future,” said Earnest.

Entitled the Core Team, this executive team sets strategy, oversees talent and improves agency processes. It consists of Earnest, three vice presidents: Erin Bishop (VP of strategy), Annette Schulte (VP of content) and Brian Foelske (VP of operations), as well as Molly Schmehl (director of accounting). Together the Core Team unites the various concentrations within the agency.

Beyond the Core Team, a Leadership Roundtable of energized leaders from across the agency lead with an entrepreneurial spirit and create opportunities for the future. These leaders include the Core Team members along with Rachael Holland (director of marketing), Denise Hesser (media director), Jennifer Rubel (director of fundraising), Sarah Larson (director of public relations), Kaitlyn Trent (traffic manager), Kaitlyn Wolf (interactive manager) and Mickey Waschkat (people and culture manager).

“Our Leadership Roundtable brings fresh perspectives that benefit our clients and our team of AMPers,” said Earnest.

Together the leadership teams serve the company and facilitate the culture of leadership. For more information on the many talented leaders at AMPERAGE Marketing & Fundraising, visit AMPERAGE’s team’s page.

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